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Wellness Clinic




We are a conservative family practice that offers in-depth, personal exams with Dr. Kimberly Williams that are comprehensive and informative. 

In addition to our Consultation and our Full Physical Exam--our signature "talking exam"

-- we also provide Well Baby Checkup/School Physicals, DOT Certified Exams/Women's Health, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, Breast Thermography, Nutritional Counseling,  and Homeopathic & Botanical Medicines. 

One of our clinic's goals is to help patients on their healing journey, meaning we are here to guide you through making the necessary lifestyle changes to improve the quality of your life, health, and wellness.


Some of the ways Rockford Wellness Center  can facilitate your healing journey is through the use of our classes, services, and free events! 

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At Rockford Wellness Center, we offer a variety of labs we can run to help you get to the root of you health concerns. 

These include, but are not limited to:

    • Full Laboratory & Blood Analysis

    • Urine/Neurotransmitters

    • Hair/Heavy metal

    • Saliva/Hormones

    • Stool/Gut

    • Breath/SIBO

    • Autoimmune 

    • Full Thyroid Panel

    • Vitamin D, B12 Folate Iron

    • Cardiovascular Profile

    • Food Allergy 

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