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Rockford Wellness understands and takes seriously

the ever-changing situation regarding the Novel Covid-19 virus.  We have actively implemented our emergency hygiene protocol at this time and have outlined these measures below. 


Our intent is to provide a safe & healing environment for our staff & patients.  We will remain open and providing services for the patients we have identified as critical for their care AND we are closely monitoring the situation as it unfolds.  



Policy Update:

We are asking for a 2 Week quarantine post vaccine.  Thank you for understanding and helping us to keep everyone safe.  

Emergency Hygiene Protocol:

1.  HAND WASHING:  using soap and

water & hand washing for 20 seconds is still the single best preventative measure that can be done. 


2. We have added an additional layer of air filtration in both hyperbaric oxygen chambers and in our office working space.


3. We have added Ultra Violet Light to our sanitation protocol.  


4. Our staff is using a combination of cleaning products on every table surface, door handles, and working areas. Please allow more time for proper sanitation technique.  


5.  If you feel a surface needs cleaned, ask for it to be cleaned.  We do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable asking for hand washing or cleaning.  


6. We are checking Temperatures at every appointment. We are asking every practice member and staff to daily check body temperature daily. We ask you to self quarantine if there is a rise in body temperature.  Monitoring body temperature allows us to, as best as possible, catch an early carrier for Covid-19.  

7.  We understand the Governor's request to wear face masks when not able to properly socially distance yourself.  We also understand there is a host of medical conditions that limit and at times make this not possible.  We ask to please be sensitive to boundaries of others and to do what is best for your own self.  

Thank you for helping us to continue the Vital Message of Hope and Wellness!

Covid 19


Preparedness Measures

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