Concierge Lifestyle is a program developed to enhance the innate healing process in our bodies. it is a specific and accurate combination of healing and detoxification services that extend over the course of a year.

Begin your premium experience by allowing us to get to know you and your wellness goals with:

  • Consultation

  • Full Physical Exam–also known as our signature “talking exam“​

Additional services and add-ons include:

  • Saliva Ph Test

  • Heavy Metal Hair analysis

  • Food Allergy Testing

  • Salivary Hormone / Adrenal / Neurotransmitter Testing

  • IGenix Lyme Testing

  • State of the Art AutoImmune Testing

Basic Appointment

Our basic porgram has the option to either schedule appointments weekly or twice monthly

A basic appointment runs approximately 3.5 hours and included the following treatments:

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • Bemer Therapy

  • Whole Body Vibration

  • Far Infrared Sauna

  • Ionic Foot Detox

  • Acupuncture

  • Chiropractic Adjustment

Exclusive Access

Being a member of the concierge program gives you exclusive access to our online and in person classes:

  • 5 Day Intermittent Fasting (fees apply for products)​

  • Paleo/Keto Metabolic Reset

  • Keto Boot Camp

  • Advanced Keto Troubleshooting

  • Keto Hacks

  • Fat Bombs 101

  • Shopping with the Doc

You also get a Premium Member account status on our website that allows you access to any of our videos and classes at no extra charge.